Ironworkers Health and Welfare Fund

Ironworkers Health and Welfare Fund offers a wide range of benefits for eligible active members and their dependents. Coverage includes medical care, chiropractic care, prescription drugs, organ and bone marrow transplants. Medicare eligible retirees may continue coverage under the Retiree Plan for specified medical benefits, organ and bone marrow transplants, chiropractic and prescription drugs subject to certain eligibility requirements.

The Benefit Fund

Q & A

How often do I have to file a claim form? Why do I have to file a claim form for my wife and children?

An annual claim form is needed to determine if there is insurance through your spouse's or adult dependent’s employment. If your spouse has group insurance through his/her employment, their insurance is the prime carrier for their benefits and your Plan becomes the secondary carrier. The Fund recognizes the “birthday rule” for coordination of benefits on dependent children. The parent whose birthday (excluding year) falls earlier in a year provides the primary coverage for eligible children. The Plan is secondary to your adult dependent’s group insurance.

Why do I have to fill out a claim form for an accident?

A claim form with accident details (how, when and where) is required to determine if there is third party liability. Complete accident details are not submitted by the providers when filing for insurance benefits.

How do I add or delete a dependent (wife, child)?

Complete an enrollment card with eligible dependent social security numbers and submit it to the Administrative Office along with a copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce decree or tax information.

Why do you need my divorce decree to continue coverage for my kids?

The divorce decree is required to establish who is responsible for providing health insurance for your eligible dependents. If the divorce decree states you are, the Fund becomes the primary carrier and provides benefits for your eligible dependents prior to those of your ex-spouse. If the divorce does not state who is to provide the health insurance, the parent with custody becomes the primary carrier.